"Janin fragt nach" for Garnier Bio


Project: Garnier BIO 
Client: L'Oréal Deutschland GmbH 


Actress and presenter Janin Ullmann has joined forces with Garnier Bio to champion a sustainable skincare project, focusing on eco-friendly packaging and responsible raw material extraction. The collaboration aims to minimize the environmental impact of skincare products while raising awareness about the importance of sustainability in the industry.

Garnier Bio is committed to using recyclable and biodegradable materials for packaging, reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. They prioritize sourcing ingredients from sustainable suppliers, supporting local communities, and protecting biodiversity.

Janin Ullmann, an advocate for environmental conservation, serves as a spokesperson for this project. She uses her platform to promote sustainable skincare practices and participates in campaigns and events, engaging with the community and emphasizing the benefits of eco-friendly beauty.

Join Garnier Bio and Janin Ullmann in their mission to transform the skincare industry for a greener future by following their latest sustainability initiatives and discovering eco-friendly products.



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