Event documentary CES & Huawei FANSCLUB, Las Vegas

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Project: HUAWEI Global - Event documentary CES & Huawei FANSCLUB, Las Vegas
Client: isobar (Hong Kong)

Huawei is one of the top global leaders in mobile devices. For many years we are supporting Huawei (Shenzhen) with the documentation and livestream of their worldwide Global Launch Events as well as the company's presence at important international trade fairs.

In 2016 the "HUAWEI FANSCLUB" event was outstanding. For the first time a meeting of Huawei fans took place in the United States of America, where many activities and a great program was offered. Part of it was a photo shoot in the Mojave desert near Las Vegas, which required a lot of effort due to the local conditions. In addition to the photo material we created a corresponding MakingOf-Video for Huawei Global.



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